Question Is the Acer XG270HU Gaming Monitor Still in Production or Has It Been Discontinued? Should I Hold On To it Or Replace It?


May 26, 2019
Like many PC gamers, I bought most of my PC gaming equipment on Black Friday/ Cyber Monday of 2020, before it became apparent that the GPU and CPU shortage was going to be a long-term problem. I ended up cancelling my planned gaming PC building project because of the shortage and sold some of the components. I held on to some of the components which I was pretty sure would not be replaced or updated on yearly cycles. One of the components that I held onto was the Acer XG270HU gaming monitor ( I am going to try to do a gaming PC build by either the end of this year or the start of early next year depending on when AMD and Nvidia release their entire lineup of GPUs. I am aware that Nvidia may either be holding off or cancelling the release of their mid-range RTX 4000 GPUs, so it is possible that I may switch to a Radeon Rx7000 GPU if AMD releases their entire new generation GPU line up in a reasonable timeframe. When I do get ready to do the gaming PC build, I intend to check if there are any newer versions of the parts that I held on to since late 2020, competitors offer good alternative parts to the ones I have, or my parts have been discontinued in production and/or support. I am considering doing a dual monitor gaming PC setup, so it is possible I will purchase an additional Acer XG270HU monitor. However, in addition to the factors for the parts that I just mentioned, I will also take into account the capabilities of the GPU and the differences in DisplayPort technology. If the GPU I purchase is capable of handling games at at least high settings at 4K resolution, I may purchase a 4K gaming monitor setup. If the newer DisplayPort technology brings significant improvements in image quality compared to the DisplayPort version on my Acer monitor, that may also be a factor in my decision to replace the monitor. However, if the Acer XG270HU monitor is still in production and supported by Acer and there is not much difference in real-world performance between the DisplayPort version on the newer GPUs and that on the monitor, the gaming monitors with the newer DisplayPort are ridiculously expensive, and the new GPU that I select is designed more for 1440p gaming and/or is backwards compatible with the older DisplayPort standard, then I may hold on to the monitor and possibly buy a second identical monitor. The monitor is still in its original packaging and unopened. Now, is the Acer XG270HU gaming monitor still in production? If no, what has replaced it? Should I hold onto this monitor or replace it when I do my replacement gaming PC build?



Something new will always come along around the corner, such is the world of technology. I'd advise on holding out when you've got the funds and the opportunity lined up. As for your query, the panel shows out of stock on Newegg...which can be a good indication that the panel is discontinued from Acer's portfolio to pave the way for concurrent gen panels, either that or Newegg doesn't stock it anymore in favor of stocking panels that tend to fly off their shelves faster than the Acer(there are a lot of factors to consider when looking at the retailer side of things).
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