Is the Asus GL752v good?


Mar 15, 2018
Hello guys,I know this really sucks I already have a great gaming desktop, with a core i7 870 paired with a gtx 980 4gb. The reason why I’m downgrading to a gaming laptop is because my parents are paying bills and it’s way too high because of me, so I have to sacrifice my gaming desktop to get something even more efficient. I know the Asus GL752v has a bit a weak gpu (gtx 960m 2gb) but will It at least play most modern games at high with respectful fps? Also I found one guy on Craigslist who’s selling this gaming laptop for 600$ while these usually sell for 1k.


60FPS High on modern titles might be a bit of a stretch.

A 960M sits between a GT 1030 and a GTX 1050 in the desktop space, although much closer to a 1030 than a 1050.

Low 1080p is probably going to be it's sweet spot..... Medium in some titles.

FWIW though, have you truly isolated your desktop as the cause of the increased utility bill?

An i7-870 is a 95W TDP chip, a GTX 980 is a ~165W TDP card.
Overall, you're looking at a ~<300W power draw.

Even assuming 300W, and a basic 80+ bronze PSU
x365 days
= 3,285,000 watt hours annually
=3,285 kWh annually or ~274 kWh/month

From what I can find, Denmark has one of the highest electricity costs at (the equivalent of) $0.41/kWH
The average, worldwide would be more like (the equivalent of) $0.20/kWh

So, using the figures
3,285 kWh annually x $0.41 = $1,347 annual or ~$112/Month
3,285 kWh x $0.20 = $657 annual or $55/Month

And that's running 24/7 100% load
Realistically, your actual consumption is probably less than half of that (12hours/day)

Taking 1/2 of that max, your power "cost" would be somewhere between $30-$60/month IF you're running 100% load, 12 hours a day, every day.

If you only use it for, say 4 hours a day (after school?) and some more on weekends, then you're down to between $15-$30/month

Compare that the to GL752V with it's max 120W power draw
That's not accounting for efficiency drops, which I assume there is.

Using 120W, and the same formulas as above:

x24 hours
= 1,051,200 watt hours annualy
1,051 kWH or 88kWh/month

1,051 x $0.41 = $431 annual / $36 month (Or half for 12hours/day = $18)
1,051 x $0.20 = $210 annual / $17.50 month (or half for 12hours/day = <$9)

Considering all that, using the "typical" workload, your savings in electricity would work out to be between $6-$12 by dropping to the laptop.

I'm not trying to trivialize $6-$12, but with that context, is there not some way you could raise $10 per month & give it to your parents?



IMHO I'd ask you to look into all the appliances that are drawing power from the grid/your wall sockets. On that note please pass on your full system's specs, like so:

From there you can extrapolate how much power you're drawing, much like what my colleague has done and also figure out if you are the main cause of the high utility bills.

If you need the mobility, yeah that's a good move but if you're trying to sacrifice your system due to power draw, it might be a good move to build a current gen, more power efficient system.


Mar 15, 2018
Thanks guys for the advice, that one time I went over to my grandparents house and I bought my whole desktop over, after a couple of weeks my grandparents said that there bills went high after I bought my “computer” along the way. Same goes for my parents they were saying that bills are high cause of me, I’m really sad but you know I wanna help my parents so this is how I can help. Also I wanna bring my games around when I’m out most of the times, unlike a desktop I can’t bring it around. I’m fine having a gtx 960m laptop but as long as it can play games at high or med with respectful FPS.
Asus p7h55-m-dp
Core i7-870 2.93ghz up to 3.60ghz turbo boost
Gtx 980 reference design 4gb
8gb ddr3 ram Asint 1333mhz
Cryorig h7 cooler
6 white led Vetroo fans
Corsair cx650m 80plus bronze
Samsung evo 850 250gb
One lg dvd drive
1080 ips hp 23es monitor
NPET RGB gaming keyboard (membrane)
Steelseries rival 110 RGB mouse
Corsair carbide air series 540



Unfortunately, you might need to fine-tune your expectations. Certainly most games will hit decent FPS with a 960M, they'll probably be more in the low-medium range, opposed to medium-high.

Of course, depends on the resolution & the specific title(s) in question.