[SOLVED] Is the Cooler Master MWE 500/500W ATX PowerSupply (MPW-5002-ACABW) enough for my build?


Apr 3, 2019
My build used to be an office custom build which has pretty low specs.

CPU: core i3-2100
RAM: 8GB DDR3 1333 MHz
Mobo: some biostar motherboard
Storage: an old sata hard drive + a new sata SSD

I am planning to instal my old zotac dual fan GTX 970 into this old thing, with the intention of occasionally playing Euro truck simulator 2, since my dad just bought a steering wheel and shifter.

Since the old PSU was some 300W psu, it wont be enough to power the GTX 970, so rather than buying a GPU with a low TDP like the GTX1650, I decide to save even more money by buying a new inexpensive PSU.

So the question is- is the Cooler Master MWE 500/500W ATX PowerSupply (MPW-5002-ACABW) enough for my build? Or do I need to step up to the MWE 500 Bronze?
Quality is what counts, not efficiency like bronze/gold...
the coolermaster MWE is considered as tier 4 on this list:
If you already have the psu, you could try it.

GTX970 is an older unit and requires more power than you might thing. 500w at least.
I would not run that on a marginal quality psu.

If you are going to buy a new psu, consider buying something that can be used long term and for a future build/upgrade.
A corsair CX550m is ok if it is a newer grey unit:

Newegg has a seasonic prime 550w tier 1 unit on same for $69 after rebate: