Question Is the Corsair K60 RGB Pro low profile a good keyboard for a beginner pc gamer?

Oct 14, 2022
It is currently on special for $50 and I would like to know how it stacks up against other keyboards at this price range.


Keyboards are keyboards.

Corsair makes good products but their software is a nightmare.

On my most recent build, I took all corsair products (Hub, AIO, Fans, Mouse, Keyboard, Companion display) and its been mediocre mostly due to iCue, but their support is pretty good.

Key thing to buying a keyboard is you should take a visit to a bestbuy or microcenter, and first find out what type of switches you like. That is probably the best driver for how much you will like your keyboard. Other than that sometimes there are unique features you might enjoy but that is less likely.

I had a bad experience with Steelseries, so I won't buy their products anymore.

I REALLY like EVGA as a company, so I might try their peripherals in the future, or Logitech.
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Keyboards and mice (mouses?) are the single most personal items associated with a pc. They can make or break any gaming session and just how you feel about what you bought/built, in general.

I like my Cougar. It's very comfortable keys and spacing for my fingers. My wife hates it, and she can hit 160wp/m +. She much prefers the Logitech G110, which to me resembles a laptops soft-touch.

As said, go places, get your hands on the keys, find out for yourself what works and what doesn't, regardless of brand, price, colors, gimmicks.

Buying a 'really nice', good keyboard is absolutely useless if you just hate to use the stupid thing.
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