Question Is the ethernet port on my mobo broken?


Apr 20, 2016
First sorry if this is a dumb or already answered question. EDIT: Or if this is in the wrong section.

So I've had my pc for maybe 2 months and suddenly I can no longer connect it using my ethernet cable. I've tested everything and it sounds like it's most likely the port is broken but I want to make sure before I go about replacing. So for one the internet is good, wifi isn't an issue. The cable is fine as I work from home with a laptop and I use my ethernet cable with that everyday. Also the cable will stay just fine in my laptop's port and you need to press down on the little thing to release it but in my pc it doesn't click all the way in no matter how hard I try and it can be pulled out with no effort. Also with my network settings up when I plug it in it will briefly show a wired connection and it says "unidentified network" and then it goes away in a second. I've tried disabling and re-enabling my connections and actually as I'm typing this it temporarily shows I'm connected via ethernet but then it may go back to my wifi.