Question Is the GTX 1660S GPU and the i5-9600k a good combination for gaming at 1080p at a min of 60 fps, 120 pref?


Sep 1, 2017
I feel as though the CPU is a bit too much for 1660s, so maybe i can bump it up to a 2060 or if it's too much then maybe a 1660ti?
A 1660 Ti is kind of pointless at this point, as it is no more than 5% faster than a 1660 SUPER, yet costs significantly more. A 2060 might be a decent option though, as it tends to be around 20-25% faster than a 1660 SUPER in demanding games.

What are the entire planned specs for the system? It might be worth considering a Ryzen processor instead, since with graphics cards in this performance range, your performance will typically be much more limited by your graphics hardware in most games. 9600Ks have dropped in price, but a Ryzen 3600 still offers 6-cores with 12-threads for less, and if that price difference makes it easier to move up to a faster graphics card, that would likely result in better gaming performance overall.
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Cpu is responsible for fps. Gpu either lives upto it or fails.

For some games like CSGO or minecraft or Roblox, you'll be kicking above 300fps at ultra, for other games like high server drop WoW multi-player raids, even the 2060 will be pushed to keep around 60fps.

So it's all highly game dependent, user dependent, expectation dependent. Some games will do better than others.

Minecraft is RTX supported and looks sick with it enabled, but expect a @ 100fps drop to achieve the affect.