Question Is the Intel AX200 Network Card suitable for the Lenovo Flex 5 15ALC05?

May 29, 2023
Hello, as per the title, I'd like to upgrade the stock network card on my Flex 5 15 with 5700u (Realtek RTL8852AE) to preferably an Intel AX200 as I'm having network problems to the point where my connection is only stable when using an old Belkin USB network adapter. I've messed with drivers, driver settings, and a stock replacement card, verified no other device was having issues etc. and it seems to come down to the unfortunately poor Realtek card.
In initial research, it looks like Lenovo may have a hardware whitelist in place for network cards, so my question was if anyone has had success with replacing in their machine. The AX210 seems preferable, but I have found more reports of successful replacement of this particular Realtek card with the AX200, albeit for other Lenovo products such as the Legion line, and my AP doesn't support 6E as it is. The AX200 even comes as the default for the smaller 14 inch Flex 5 r5000, so I am hoping it is safe to assume it should work with my system as well, but still, I would like any confirmation I can get before buying as shipping parts to my location takes some time with no guarantee of return, and Lenovo's own forums seem a bit unhelpful beyond suggesting use of their parts picker. Would the Intel AX200 be a good and generic enough choice for replacement? Thanks in advance!