Question Is the power supply good enough?

Mar 7, 2019
Yes, it's a good PSU. I think it had an Over Power Protection issue.

This one is better since it doesn't have any issues at all. No worries when it comes to overclocking.
Thanks for the reply! Sorry I'm new to pc so i don't really know what Over Power Protection mean. Can you explain what it means? And the Evga 650 watt PSU shouldn't be too bad right? Since I like the design and stuff.
The Over Power Protection is a safety feature that will shut down the power supply when too much power is being delivered. The EVGA 650 G3 has been know to shut down at power levels much too high. Most good power supplies will shut down at around 120-125% of their rated power. But the G3 is apparently allowing for much more than that. Now, if you will never be drawing that much power then it could be a non-issue. However, some would say that is a danger and the unit should not be recommended at all.