Is the ps3 backwards compatible with ps2 and ps1 games?

Oct 23, 2022
Sorry if this is the wrong place to post it, but I couldn’t find anywhere else. Anyways, I have been looking into getting a ps3 from my local used games store, and I want to know if it can run ps2 and ps1 games. I have been seeing a lot of people saying it can, but also a lot of people saying it can’t. I just want to play old resident evil and gran turismo games.
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Well, only the very first model has hardware support for the PS2 to make it 100% compatible and play the games from the dvd directly, but if you softmod a PS3 it can play most of the PS2 library from harddrive.
( "PS3 hen" on the google)

The first models are also all on their way out if not already gone, overheating in old consoles was a huge issue that destroyed a very many of them.