Question Is the Quest 2 overkill for me ?


Dec 11, 2016
I used to have Bobovr and Fiit VR for my non-samung phones and a GearVR for my ex S10+
I won't lie, I used them for adult VR movies and it was nice.

So it's been 2 years since I last used VR.
I see the Quest 2 is the most popular VR set nowadays, it's not expensive but still 300ish$
VR games could be fun, I think RE 4 is the best experience no?

The thing is that I have no idea if I will like VR games as much as I like ''2D'' AAA video games on 1440/4k Ultra settings thanks to my RTX3070
Adult VR movies for sure yes I will like them, but won't the Quest 2 be overkill for that in case I found VR games not as fun as 4k TV HDR AAA games?
BTW should I pay the extra for a 5m USB cable to be able to play PC VR games or they are not as good as the Oculus apk ones?


The downside to the Quest 2 is that you don't know what Meta/Facebook is sharing with your friends. Also, I have not heard of any recourse for you if your Meta/Facebook account gets banned for whatever reason. For strictly VR movies, yes. The Quest 2 would be overkill.

Personally, I have an old Lenovo Explorer Windows Mixed Reality Headset (bought for $200 years ago) which mostly just sits around gathering dust. I'll pick up a game from Steam when it's free and try it out, but I think I'm just not dedicated enough to learn all the new controls. I'm an old keyboard cowboy myself. I mean I have Star Wars: Squadrons installed and it looks wonderful, but I just never really got around to finishing the tutorials.

Today, I'm not sure I'd drop $300-$400 just to try out VR Gaming.

-Wolf sends
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