[SOLVED] Is the ryzen 5800x worth picking up right now?


Mar 12, 2014
I’m finally working on upgrading my pc and I’m down to the CPU I’ve got a FX 8320 now and I’ve been looking at the ryzen 5800x. It’s currently on sale for $275 on newegg but also I know the new ryzen series is rumored to drop sometime in the near future.
mainly looking for secondhand opinions on if it’s worth it for 275, worth picking up now or holding out for the new series.
Thanks 😁
Good idea there. But to answer your question, 5800x will smash your fx 8350. I can tell you that I had an fx 6300, even 1st Gen ryzen was faster. Now I’ve got the ryzen 5 3600, and it’s getting older but is miles ahead of my old ryzen 7 1700, much less my fx cpu. But as stated before you’ve waited this long, new stuff is supposed to be releasing around September I think. So you’ll be replacing everything anyway, you may as well wait and see what’s out then you can get new amd or Intel, or you may catch a deal on zen 3 hardware as people offload their stuff.
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