Discussion Is the samsung galaxy smartwatch good as a gym watch? (compared to Fitbit Ionic)


Aug 17, 2014
Hi! I've been watching reviews, googling problems that the watch may have but all it really did was just confused me mostly for so many various different claims.

I've seen many review claiming various things with various experiences, and a lot of them just claim that either the heart beat monitoring fails or the GPS for them or whatever else fails.. But some of them say and show that it works all fine and just slight weird occurrences happen from time to time.

It costs quite a bit therefore I'm thinking on having a rather worthy watch that can satisfy all around with it's functions especially with them working as best as possible.

I know, if I want a fitness watch mainly then why don't I just buy Fitbit and the reason for it would be mainly the slow development of the app and bad UI. So to regard the slow development, they don't really optimise that many phones, like honor for example (which is what I have) for the their app, meaning there will be a hell of a lot problems that i'll most likely have 0 chance of fixing it because they haven't gotten around it to support the phone. As far as I've seen people tried and there were a lot of problems with not being able to sync the data properly and some other things. And the smartwatches are simply laggy, not entirely my design (except for ionic) otherwise I'd love to make it possible to work.

So therefor I'm trying to Samsung galaxy smartwatch as it has most needed average functions (Except bixby, heard that it's broken too) and simply all the sensors for the sleep, workout, day to day tracking, and everything else.

Anyone who's tried, how is it? does it really have all the problems that I've heard reviewers claim and is it better to buy that rather than Fitbit ionic?
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