Question Is the Thermaltake smart 600W 80+ Gold good?

Hello, I am curious if my power supply is good and can it output 600W continuously.
You should read this thread on power supplies.
If you don't want to read through it you can click the spoiler link I provided.
In MY opinion, Cooler Master and Thermaltake should be completely avoided

They do have a few good units, like some of the Thermaltake Toughpower series models, but most of the models sold by both these companies are either REALLY poor or barely mediocre, and the ones they have that ARE good are usually way overpriced. The Thermaltake TR2 and Litepower series, even the newer revisions, should probably just be avoided altogether, along with the Smart series units, which are simply not good choices for use with gaming systems. If you want to use a Smart series unit with your internet browsing machine or some kind of low powered office box, it's probably ok. Although I'd recommend avoiding them, the Smart series units might be the best available units in some regions. That should not be mistaken for the idea that they are quality units though.

The bottom line is that you can do much better than Thermaltake Smart series. In general, there are much higher quality models available but stock is limited right now due to certain world events.
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