Question Is there a better, alternative prebuilt for this price ?

Jan 30, 2023
Hi there,

I'm helping a friend choose a Pc. He's not keen on building himself just yet so would like a prebuilt one.

He's hoping to spend around £1500/1600. Then an additional £150 or so on a good enough 1080p monitor.

Also, he needs "buy-now-pay-later" to spread the cost over 12 months or so.

I found This pc. Having looked on Scan and Very. There were some that seemed better but they had MicroATX motherboards with no more room for additional RAM. He'd like to be able to upgrade to 32gb down the line.

He wishes to use it for gaming. Mostly warzone and other titles like skyrim and the witcher. Ideally playing on as high settings as possible for the budget.

He would also like to stream occasionally, but just for friends

I'm probably forgetting some useful information so just let me know.

Thank you for any help,
Nothing wrong with microATX boards.
How many expansion slots(past the one x16 slot) do you plan to use?
On ram, do not count on being able to upgrade from 16gb by adding more.
Ram must be matched.
Buy 32gb up front, particularly if you will be multitasking like streaming.
Ryzen is particularly sensitive to ram.
Pre-builts will often include only the minimum psu to run the initial configuration.
The 750w psu is marginal.
3000 series graphics cards can have high power spikes that even a good psu like the rm can not handle.