Question Is there a difference between 2 and 3 gpu fans?

Aug 7, 2022
I just upgraded into a asus rtx 3060ti dual v2 mini oc and i dont know if i should have paid a little bit extra for a trio fan one. Are there any extreme differences between the duo and trio fan ones?


Power plan. Mostly. The dual fan designs use larger fans and provide basically the same amount of cooling at lower noise levels than the trio fan designs. Upto a point. The trio use a slightly longer heatsink so generally can push a higher OC level, but the cost is noise as the smaller fans must spin faster.

Overall, there's very little difference, the dual v2 isn't much less than the rog strix, both are still 3060ti and the only time you'd see any difference is in uber heavy gpu games where your settings might restrict gpu graphics to a loss of a few fps.

For what you'd pay for the bigger trio fan OC designs, a few more $$ over that would get you a bottom level 3070, a sizable jump in ability over any 3060ti. So the dual fan designs are most often a far better value for $$ than the slightly higher OC models.