Question Is there a GPU stand that I can buy to hold my GPU steady while mounted on a PCI-E GPU riser?


Mar 17, 2016
Hello, this is not my GPU but I am just using the picture to let you guys know the idea of what I am talking about:

Currently, my GPU is mounted on GPU riser like the one in this picture:

My problem is that because the GPU is not mounted using a screw (like how you normally screw in a GPU into the case bracket), the GPU keeps falling over on its side.

I am shopping for GPU stands like this:

but I want to keep the GPU on the same position as this picture:

Currently, none of the GPU stands I found online is built for the purpose of keeping my unmounted GPU fixed steady in this position:

I am searching for a adjustable GPU stand; where it is a mounting stand stick and it lets me put a top side screw into the GPU's normal mounting screw hole and thus the GPU would be permanently be fixed in this position and not fall to its left or right side:

Does any such product exist in the market?


Does any such product exist in the market?
Probably not, you are likely one of very few people in the world who wants to run a GPU naked outside his PC's case. Buy a piece of steel 1/4" wide and 16" long, drill small holes near each end, then bend it into a 4-1/2" tall trapezoidal shape with the two ends lining up with the GPU bracket mounting holes and use screws to hold the ends there. There you go, minimalist improvised stand.