Question Is there a Motospeed CK61 keypress problem?

Aug 3, 2021
İnternette tuşa basma sorunu yaşayan birçok insan gördüm. Kronik bir tuş vuruşu sorunu mu var? Ve Motospeed ck61 ı alınır mı? başka klavye önermem
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do not recommend any other keyboard
You don't want us to suggest a better keyboard if there ever is one?

And Motospeed ck61 outemu switch is it take?
Mind elaborating on this line? Are you asking if the Outemu switches are worth buying into?

Is there a chronic keystroke problem?
Considering that this is a mechanical keyboard, you can easily remove the faulty/failing switch if you've got access to buying a replacement mechanical switch and if you're adept at soldering. The benefit to a mechanical keyboard even if it isn't hot swappable is that you can replace the switch that's faulty. If the keyboard has a hot swappable PCB, then you don't need to solder at all.

You might want to look at Keychron's C1 keyboard instead of the Motospeed keyboard listed above. As for your switch question...which might follow soon after, everyone has their own preference to what switch to use for typing. Have you gone through the switches out there? Noise and typing feel included?
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