Question is there a problem with my GPU?

Jun 21, 2020
monitor went out for the second time in the past 2 weeks and it went out for maybe 15-20 seconds. i unplugged everything and put it back in securely. I'm also using a VGA adapter for HDMI so i replaced the USB i was using to power the adapter and plugged in into a different port on my PC, i also restarted the video driver by using Win+Ctrl+Shift+B. This kind of scared me because the first time it was just 5 seconds and i was on the blizzard website (i was also in a discord call and i was able to hear everyone just fine) and this time i literally opened and bam it went out for over 15 seconds. I've had zero problems with my PC besides this and i'm just praying there isn't a problem with my GPU and i couldn't find anything clear online. Has anyone experienced this problem or can give a good guess what the problem is? my monitor is kind of low quality and i plan on buying a new one on black Friday so it might just be my crap monitor

also i'm running a 1660 super with a i5 9400f

thanks in advance