Is there a reason to use a NAS rather than a raid array to store data for an application server?

May 4, 2018
We're setting up an application server to run solidworks PDM and it will require a significant amount of storage. Is there any reason to store this data in a NAS connected to the server (running windows server) rather than just a RAID array? Will a NAS even be able to communicate with the windows server like this?
if you want that storage to be available for other computers regardless of the computer state, NAS makes sense.
If this data is not needed on other computers it makes sense to have it locally as local storage has higher performance than NAS. and of course costs less



A NAS box is available to all the systems in your LAN, as needed.
Yes, any of the current mid to higher grade NAS boxes work with Windows server or clients no problem.

Tossup between a Windows server box with a RAID array or a dedicated NAS box with a RAID array.
Or both. WinServer to host the applications, and the NAS for large storage.

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