Is there a vid pin mod to increase multilier on p4 478


Oct 22, 2009
I have a hp d220 w/socket478. I had a celeron 2.4ghz and replaced it with a p4 2.8/512/800. Unfortunately the bus speed for that chip is 200mhz instead of 100 so the frequency only ran at 1.4ghz do to the 200mhz bus speed being cut in half leaving only 100mhz x 14 for the multiplier. I did the break off pin mod and it brought the FSB speed to 533 the bus speed to 133 giving me a frequency of 1.9ghz and also brought my ram bus speed up from 266mhz to 333mhz which is what it is made to run since I have PC2700 333. I applied the voltage increase to 1.75v with the wire pin mod then increased the fsb with SetFSB which increased my CPU to 2.107ghz. Now I must ask is there a VID pin mod to increase the multiplier? Fingers are crossed.