Question Is there a way to create a wireless connection from a wired connection to the router?

May 29, 2019
I have a technicolor vdsl router and get wired speeds of 100mbps which is what I pay for. However the wireless speeds are around 30mbps so I was wondering if there was a way to create a wireless point by plugging a device into the router in order to have access to the wired speeds wirelessly.


No. You cannot get wired speeds wirelessly.

Does the following link show your router model?

You may be able to gain some improvement with respect to the wireless speeds via an Access Point that could set up wireless service elsewhere in your residence. Doing so would require running an Ethernet cable from the router to the Access Point device along with the necessary network configuration settings within both devices.

There are many available tutorials on internet. For example:

I recommend finding a tutorial that uses the same make and model devices that you are using.

Powerline adapters may be an option to consider.

But, before all that, take a closer look at your wireless devices and their respective configurations. Could be that something is not correctly or optimally configured. Especially in a mixed device environment.

Look at the IPv4 configuration options. Try manual settings versus Auto. Or vice versa.

Maybe a simple frequency or channel change will reduce interference and improve connection speeds.