Question Is there a way to disable dedicated GPU and run everything from the CPU /APU graphics with AMD switchable graphics with native resolution?

Jan 25, 2023
I have an old Samsung NP305E5A, I'm pretty sure the dedicated GPU is dying and needs to be switched or reballed however when I looked at it the edge of the core looked damaged so not much hope in that.

Either way it has an AMD A6-3420M and a dedicated 7400M ( which only shows up as that if you don't install factory drivers otherwise it's a 6xxx)
I started getting atikmag.sys BSODs, and eventually i couldn't start it without safe mode, after long nights of trial and error, lots of driver cleaning, safe mode boots and device manager fiddling, I've ended up switching my CPU with an A4-3300M to see if I could fool the driver, which worked for a week, however now the problem starts to come out again, encountering the same issues or freezes.
I did this in the first place because i couldn't install the orignal drivers to see if I could disable it from the switchable graphics menu because it would BSOD.
I also have no options in the BIOS to manage anything related to graphics.
I remembered i turned on ULPS in registry many years ago which i have now disabled.
I can't use CCC at all with the mismatched CPU and GPU as of now it won't open.
If i disable/delete manually the 7400M from device manager resolution reverts to 1024x768 and the windows generic pnp driver takes over.

Does anyone know if it's possible to somehow disable the 7400M and only use the APU with the native resolution (1366x768) or that's just not possible at all and I should try and get this fixed?


If the display is hooked directly to the discrete GPU, you may not have a choice in having its driver running.

Typically full replacement would be the way to go. Going to cost a lot to get this fixed (solution is just a new motherboard really)

Money better spent on a newer computer.