[SOLVED] is there a way to port forward two routers "BOTH DHCP" ?

Mar 7, 2018
i have two routers Router 1 connected to the network

and Router 2 connects Ethernet to Router 1 and also Ethernet to me

Router 1 is DHCP

and router 2 is also DHCP (Linksys)

so i watched a video on how to port forward two routers

and what he did was to change router 2 to static ip and putting in router 1 the router 2 static ip and from router 2 to my ip address so the problem is i don't want to change my router to static ip address as i want to port forward my routers with both are DHCP is there a solution for it ?

or any other method i can use and it's easy to do ?
You would do it same way both with static and DHCP given IP's. The problem with using non-static IP's is that if for any reason, router 2 IP changes or your computer IP changes, port forwarding wont work anymore.

In practice, it is quite unlikely to change for anything that is on 24/7 and always connected. since timeout is usually like 48 hours and anything that is connected, is just given same IP again.

Personally I see no reason why anyone would use router2 as anything but accesspoint though.


Configure 2nd router as Access Point only (there is a sticky for that), then everybody is on the same subnet, no NATing twice, no need to port forward twice, make ur life simpler.