Question Is there a way to recover an ASUS Raid through either another motherboard or software?


Oct 5, 2002
My system just went down, the drive themselves are perfectly fine, it's the motherboard controlling the raid that is possibly the issue, and I want to see if I can recover data off one of it's raids. I do have backups, but I would like to get the most current data if I can.

It had a RAID0 that was run by the motherboard and a RAID5 that was run by a LSI card. The RAID5 should not be a problem as I can just put that PCIe card and it's drives in another system, it's the RAID0 I am wondering if I can do anything about. Again, I know if a RAID0 suffers a failure your data is gone, but it didn't, the drives themselves are fine, it's the motherboard controlling it that may have died.

The motherboard is a ASUS P8Z77-V Deluxe. The RAID0 was setup in the motherboard's BIOS itself, it was two 1TB SSDs. The system won't post anymore and while I am diagnosing it, I can't rule out the possibility that the motherboard is dead.

If that is the case, is there any reliable way I can recover it? I tried Googling about it but kept getting random free and paid applications that were for different purposes. On top of that, many were for recovering files, not for being able to do a full recovery image.

I have no idea what software that ASUS motherboard would use to control RAID, if it's just something standard or even just Intel or if it's something else or if the RAID can be transferred to a different Asus motherboard (same model or not) in case I need to replace it, which is why I am asking. And also if there is any way I can use a SATA to USB adapters on a different system to pull a backup image off the drives. Last time I tried to put the drives in a different system individually for testing, they were mis-identifying as a 2TB raid EACH, I had to put them in my original motherboard and break the RAID to use them normally again, and then re-build the raid after.

Anyone have any experience with RAID setups on an Asus motherboard (partially one that old, no idea if modern ones are different) and if they can be transferred to another motherboard or if there is software to create a backup image (and not just pull the files) off of it from SATA to USB adapters? Hopefully software that doesn't break the bank as I am already going to be spending a lot trying to fix the PC itself.