Is there a way to secure a LAN?


Mar 29, 2010
I am setting up my newly bought wireless router (Asus RT-N13) and currently exploring it and setting up security. It has so much new features and very different from my old router.

But I was just curious if wired connections can also be secured by a password before gaining full connection? Like in Business IT Centers where security is very important.
(I am an IT student but not yet taking up subjects about networking and security)
Wired ethernet connections are inherently insecure. And that's simply because they were never designed to be secure. At the time, all traffic was local to an organization or household where ppl were simply trusted. But when wireless came along, it was realized this was no longer feasible given you can’t easily control where and when it’s accessible. So encryption and authorizations features were included.

The only thing that approaches wireless security w/ ethernet is what amounts to an afterthought, and that’s using encrypted protocols (e.g., SSL) or a VPN (e.g., PPTP). Now your data is secured between the endpoints. But that’s only at the application layer/level (i.e., TCP/IP). The underlying link layer(ethernet) remain unsecured, and has to be or else it would be incompatible w/ other ethernet networks/devices. That’s why things like ARP poisoning attacks always remain a threat w/ ethernet networks.