Question Is there an 'optimal' spec for Roblox?


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Friend of mine gave me a shout as her kid is moaning her current system lags in Roblox.

At the moment, I don't know specs but it was built by someone relatively tech-savvy in the last 5 years, so I'm assuming a Ryzen APU or something in that ballpark. 1080p/60 panel.

I know absolutely nothing about the game, but looking up 'recommended' specs, it sounds like just about anything in the last 20 years should be good enough to play.

I'm assuming any issue is going to be software related and not hardware, but it got me thinking, is there such a thing as 'optimal' hardware for it? Doesn't sound like there's any graphical intensity to it, but say 1080p/High/60?


If this system is current last 5 years it should be able to murder Roblox almost regardless. It is a "potato" PC game.

Would probably check into things like clean fans, etc. Check to see how many taskbars and add on features that the person using didn't unclick during installing whatever. Cut back all the background processes etc.

I know that in years past my kids had astounding success at cluttering up an OS. I would suspect the same here, first.
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Yeah, definitely thinking it's going to be a while bunch of adware etc. I could be wrong with my hardware guess, it might've just been combled together from spare parts. Hoping to swing by there over the weekend and find out.