Is there any motherboard that can support DDR4 Ram?

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DDR4 hasn't been released in any way yet. No motherboard or CPU support it and it isn't being sold.

You might like to know that early adoption of memory technologies can be more problematic than early adoption of other technologies later on. Just look at DDR3... Early motherboard/CPUs don't even support the standard speed of 1333MHz.

You might want to consider waiting a few months to a year or so (after DDR4's commercial launch) before switching over to DDR4, allowing it time to mature before you buy something that will not be as upgradeable or high quality only a few years down the road.


Jan 17, 2011
Don't listen to blazorthon. He has no idea what he's talking about.

For example, last year, when we switched from DDR2 to DDR3, everyone said the same thing, "it will never come out", "these are all myths", "you should wait years", etc. However, these people were complete idiots and because of it, they ended up being stuck with DDR2 laptops they paid $1000 for, when only 1 month later, the major manufacturers like Dell and everyone else switched to DDR3 laptops.

Unfortunately for the idiots who did not listen to anyone, their $1000 became $500 laptops only 1 month later, and additionally the $300 ram upgrades to max out their DDR2 laptops, dropped to $20, and DDR3 was only $50 in January as well.

Further, the DDR3 laptops which had just come out and were literally twice as fast as the previous DDR2 laptops, were exactly the same price as the half-as-fast DDR2 laptops, while the idiots who spent the money for brand new DDR2 laptops last half the value of their new DDR2 laptops. Why? Because, like blazorthon, they were complete idiots. Don't be an idiot by listening to idiots.

It is kind of like the idiot in India who sold his kidney to buy a 3G iPhone. Then 1 month later, the 4G iPhone came out. What a retard. Don't be like those retards. Just be patient for a few more months as we wait for DDR4 to come out.

p.s. yea, I am sure WIKIPEDIA is wrong about DDR4 going mainstream in mid-2012. Get your facts straight, and do research before posting stupid answers. Wikipedia does not allow false and unverified information. Don't believe me? Try to edit it, and see how long your edit lasts. Refresh the page a couple times and watch your incorrect information disappear.
The first laptops with DDR3 were not twice as fast as the laptops with DDR2 memory and all other parts similar/identical.

Anyone whom thinks that having slower RAM doubles the speed of a computer is wrong. And seriously, I'm an idiot for preferring to use more mature and stable technologies? I don't know when DDR4 comes out and I don't claim to know that. I do not think it will be in 2012 but it's possible. DDR4 will probably come out in late 2013 or 2014.

LOL you think India has much 4g coverage? That 4g phone would probably be stuck with 3g speeds there so it wouldn't really matter if it had 4g. I wouldn't be able to use 4g myself, I have no 4g coverage. I also happen to have a 3g phone. Am I an idiot for being unable to use 4g because my area doesn't have it? Am I an idiot for having a 3g phone because it is cheaper and the 4g phones would only use 3g networks anyway? I'm not saying I agree with the guy trading his kidney for a phone but hey, it's his right to make such decisions even if they seem stupid.

My laptop is a 2008 model with 2GB of DDR2 memory. Do you think it is slow because it has DDR2 memory? then maybe you aren't aware of the fact that even if DDR3 was the same speed or faster than DDR2 when it first came out (it wasn't), memory speeds have little to no effect on most programs.

The only type of program (that I'm aware of) that is very sensitive to memory performance and used by pretty much everyone would be compression/decompression. There may be other programs similarly sensitive and used by everyone but I don't think so. Memory is not a bottle neck to pretty much everything unless you are running out of capacity.

"For example, last year, when we switched from DDR2 to DDR3, everyone said the same thing, "it will never come out", "these are all myths", "you should wait years", etc. However, these people were complete idiots and because of it, they ended up being stuck with DDR2 laptops they paid $1000 for, when only 1 month later, the major manufacturers like Dell and everyone else switched to DDR3 laptops."

When did I say DDR4 or DDR3 dill never come out? When did I say anything was a myth? when did I say you should Wait years? I recommend waiting a few months to a single year after DDR4's launch to let it mature a little and prices to stabilize. Waiting for DDR3 allowed me to use faster DDR3 modules that only costed me an insignificant fraction of what I would have paid and to use the machines I already had to better use.

I do think it would have been foolish to hold out for years waiting for a memory technology but I never said that and I never did that. I waited until the start of this year to upgrade to a DDR3 compatible system because the computers I already had were good enough for their current use and the prices were to high for me. I wanted 16GB of RAM and so I had to wait until I could afford it.

Also worth considering is that Dell and other companies would not have halved the prices of DDR2 based laptops just because of DDR3 coming out. If that did happen then it was also because of newer CPUs and other new components, not because (or at least solely because) of DDR3 coming out.

I also never once said that DDR4 will come out in 2012. If you are insulting the above poster whom did say 2012 was the launch year for DDR4 then you're still an asshole. You don't seem to realize that launch dates are not final until they occur. DDR4 could get launched in 2012, we don't know until it happens. Launch dates are more of a guideline, a date that is likely to have the event.

You should both get your facts strait and improve your reading comprehension skill before insulting me.
I won't be editing my earlier post to falsify the correct information in it. Also worth noting is that rendering was reported to be sensitive to memory bandwidth but I don't think common users render very much.

DDR3 is now capable of much faster speeds than DDR2 but it wasn't back when it first came out and that was my point. DDR4 may also be slightly slower than DDR3 when it first comes out and inch it's way up in performance as the technology matures. DDR4 modules will also probably be more expensive than DDR3 for a while.

askldjfglsak, do you prefer slightly slower, more expensive memory that is based on a new technology so it has a higher chance of failure than the current cheaper, slightly faster modules based on a more mature and proven stable memory technology?

I know I don't want the newer technology until it is better and cheaper than the current one, or at least similar in price without being slower.
Here is a comparison of /ddr2 and DDR3 after the slower modules of the initial launch of DDR3 and a very thorough comparison of only DDR3 frequency/timing combinations on a large set of programs, synthetic benchmarks and real-world situations.

Most applications do not take a significant performance increase from faster memory. Switching from DDR2 to early DDR3 moduels was a waste and locked you into memory slower than the cheaper DDR2 modules. Switching from DDR2 or early DDR3 to modern DDR3 doesn't show a large benefit in almost everything. Granted I would prefer the slightly higher performance, especially now that DDR3 is so much cheaper (my desktop has 16GB of DDR3 1600MHz) but buying the early DDR3 modules would have been pretty much worse than the DDR2, at least until latencies were improved and prices went down.

New memory technologies often have minor latency problems for a while. Now DDR3 can be made with minuscule latencies even at very high frequencies but this wasn't true when DDR3 came out. There was a similar transitional problem when DDR2 came out. I didn't care about my memory much at all before DDR came out, I just know it was cheap SDRAM.,2342.html

I'll look for a few other links later.
I have said you are wrong, said why you are wrong, and then provided links to pages that prove and show why you are wrong.

After all that your response is that I'm wrong because I'm a f ucking idot... That doesn't bode well for you. I don't know about you but I dislike obnoxious people whom insult someone for proving them wrong rather tan admitting that they are wrong and you seem to fit the bill there.

I could call you plenty of names for being wrong and for calling me names but since I'm not incapable of being mature and helpful to someone whom asks a question I won't.

Besides, is this forum really the place for such stupidity? I have been proven wrong by people whom say why I am wrong and then give me links that prove me wrong and I admitted I was wrong at those times but now that I have the proof on my side you insult and curse me several times instead of admitting you're wrong or finding evidence to back up your claims.

I don't know how anyone else feels about your response but I think you have lost credibility.


Feb 3, 2009
Wow, tl;dr anyone? For the record askldjfglsak is way out of line in many ways in this thread and could probably use a good old dose of moderation. First his logic is flawed, second his information is incorrect, third and mostly he's just an asshole.

The difference between DDR2 800mhz and DDR3 2400mhz amounts to zero in 99.99% of situations. The simple fact is that cpu and gpu bottlenecks are quickly reached well before any memory bandwidth is saturated. This has been shown time in and time out and benchmarked to death.

As far as DDR4 is concerned. It's needed about as much as tits on a bull and outside of enterprise servers will offer absolutely no benefit to the overwhelmingly vast majority of users.

I would say that there is a noticeable difference between DDR2-800 and DDR3-2400 in most situations but that it takes something about three times faster than the other to get such a difference shows that yes, memory isn't bottlenecking the CPU. Thank you for your support.

I also agree about DDR4 just not being needed right now. RAM capacity/price is so high with DDR3 and speeds are still going up even though they aren't a serious bottleneck for most situations with DDR3 and I think DDR3 still has a lot of potential in it.
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