Question Is there any motherboard that's better than ASUS ROG Rampage VI Extreme Encore, X299 LGA 2066 E-ATX?


Oct 11, 2015
In early 2020, I bought this :

But I didn't even unpack the delivered box, and so I didn't even install this to my computer because Corona started, and I chose not to call somebody who can assemble this to my PC.

Now I am moving to another country.

Is there any motherboard that's better than this now? Because if yes, then I will sell this motherboard to someone else, and instead buy that new thing in the new country.

Is not, then I will carry this to the new country. But how can I safely carry this thing?


Technically that's the 'best' motherboard on the market for X299. But only if you are insistent on the absolute best, otherwise it's pretty much no different from any other higher grade board. It's really designed for maximum OC using LN2 and not so much for everyday use or gaming.

The question is 'do you really need it' because consumer class cpus like the 10900k and 5900x are matching, if not beating the performance of many of the enthusiast class stuff. Even the new Threadripper is destroying the x299 in production.

You'd end up spending a lot of money to try and beat your neighbors kids pc, whom spent a fraction of the price.