Question Is there any software I can test my power supply voltages during system heavy load?

Mar 15, 2020
Recently I got myself a new monitor, with a higher resolution than the previous one. The problem is that my system keeps rebooting with "power surges detected" when my PC is under load, eg: when I am playing some game, or when my CPU is under heavy load. I didn't use to have this problem before. I know a bigger monitor will usually not bring power issues as it powers from the wall and not from the psu, but I am wondering if the GPU and CPU require for a bit more power now that the pc is running a bigger resolution through the new monitor.

I checked the psu voltage in bios and it is at 11.808V, which should be acceptable, but I wonder if the psu is capable of holding these numbers under load as well. I don't have a multimeter, that's why I need to wonder if there is any software to check my psu voltages under load? My pc does not reboot while at idle, it can stay on for hours, I have tested this. I have also checked if all cables are properly connected, and yes they are. The new resolution should not be too much to handle for the CPU & GPU as it is really nothing to special, 1680x1050 for a i5 3330 & GTX 1050 TI should be easy. I have a 550W PSU.

Vic 40

Can try this, but in the end is it software en might not even catch the voltages going out of spec,

download hwinfo32,
install and open it,
check "sensors-only",
click "run",
at the bottom of the window click "logging start",
choose a name and place for the log like "hwinfolog" at the "desktop",
this log can be viewed/opened with either excel from Microsoft or libre office calc.
Just make one until this happens like you described. Might be good to go into the settings and tighten the poling rate. Settings can be found in the sensor window at the bottom.