Question Is there any such software that can block certain sites for a period of time?


Apr 20, 2013
Is there any such software that can block my visit to certain websites for a few days and during the time, there is no way I can by pass the restriction? I have a self-discipline problem in that I am addicted to a few particular sites.


There are extensions and the like that can do it for time period like StayFocusd, but I haven't seen ones that can't be bypassed.

I would recommend treating the source rather than the symptoms. If your self-discipline problems are so serious that you not only have to block websites from yourself but make sure you cannot undo the block, you should seriously seek counseling to deal with the underlying causes.
Many routers have parental control features and you can use stuff like one of the DNS filtering services. Problem is you know the password so you could change it. Also these methods are easily bypassed with vpn or changing the dns settings.
So even if you were to have a friend set this up so you did not know the passwords almost everything is trivial to bypass.

Years ago they was free software called K9 that you could load on a machine that was almost impossible to bypass. It was targeted at filtering kids pc.
I don't know if this software exists anymore the company that offered it for free was sold. Also hard to say what still work in windows 11 because a lot of stuff like this windows prevents from running because it uses similar techniques a hacker would use.

Problem is with any kind of software like this there is no protection from the person who know the password and can change the rules.