Is there any way to improve online gaming on 4G hotspot?


Mar 23, 2015

In my location, I only have one option for Internet which is using 4G. I like to play online multiplayer games on my iPad but as you may have guessed, it results in a lot of lag.

So, is there any way to improve gaming at least a little bit?

I get about 50-60ms ping but most of my bullets don't do damage to the enemy while with same 4G network, others don't have this much issues.

P. S. My aim is fine because it takes about 1-2 sec to get one tap kill, many times.
There is not much you can do there are not many things you can even change when it comes to mobile broadband settings. It is very hit and miss how well mobile broadband works for games. If you are in a very strong signal area using LTE it can work fairly well. Any of the other so called "4g" is crap for games because of high latency

The problem is the phone company tries to balance their network and can move you off a very strong tower to a weaker one to make room on the tower for someone who has no other service. This happens as people drive by in cars so it is in constant change.

I called them one time and ask them and they tried to pretend it did not switch towers to one with a poorer signal, but you can display the id of the tower you are connected to.

The only real things you have control over is how strong the signal level a point. If you are using a hotspot put it in a window so it gets better signal from the cell tower.