[SOLVED] Is there any way to reinstall discontinued programs using a fully backup program files x86

Apr 29, 2020
So my mum's motherboard gave out recently (after 10 years of neglect, so fair enough), and she is convinced that I know lots about computers, which as you will soon discover isn't quite true...
Having rebuilt it using my old system (new mobo & CPU), and reinstalled windows 7, despite the discontinued support, I have her entire HDD backed up, and I have put all her data back onto the computer, but as always, there's a problem. The programs are of course, no longer installed, and for appt of the favourites, such as windows live mail, and Microsoft word, they cannot simply be redownloaded as they were originally. As I said the entire HDD is backed up, so the program folders(x86) file is still here, containing everything needed, so is there any way to use that to reinstall at least some of the programs?

Yes, I realize that spending the money and upgrading to Windows 10 would make life easier, and I am sure there was a way for me to replace the system without having to reinstall windows, but it's a bit late for that now...