Question Is there any way to use an A-RGB CPU Fan on a JRGB2 Motherboard?


Aug 3, 2019
I recently bought the "ARCTIC Freezer A35" cooler for my "MSI B450 TOMAHAWK ATX AM4" motherboard and found out that my motherboard only has a JRGB2 slot, the fan is A-RGB. Is there a way I can still make the lighting work? Is there something out there that can convert A-RGB TO JRGB2?

My Build:


That mobo has NO way to power and control an ARGB light set properly. You have three options.

  1. Get a different mobo with an ARGB header.
  2. Get a separate third-party ARGB Lighting controller and connect your fans' lighting cables to that. An example is this from Razer

It is used with Razer's proprietary software tool.

3. Get a "translator" adapter like this

That one can be used as an ARGB Controller when it is NOT connected to any mobo header, along with Cooler Masters software. OR, you can connect ONE particular input port to one of your mobo's 4-pin JRGB headers and use the Controller's controls to turn over lighting control to your mobo. Then you use the mobo software instead of the Cooler Master tool. In this mode, the unit accepts the plain 4-pin RGB signals from the mobo and "translates" them into signals safe to run your ARGB lights. Now, ARGB lights are more complex and can generate more complex displays than can be done with plain RGB. So in this "translate" mode, the mobo can send out only the simpler signal types, and hence your ARGB lights can ONLY display what the simpler RGB systems can do.