Question Is there anyway that I can make this work?


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Might want to read through this.

if there was any way of getting round the issue
Honestly, you should look into an matx case or a motherboard that has native connections for your case's front panel. The last option is to not connect anything on the front panel's I/O except for the audio and the buttons. Just a question, why are you pairing a cheap entry level matx motherboard in case that's best suited for watercooling and bigger atx builds?

You'd be better served with a budget case, like the Deepcool Matrexx 30 or the Deepcool Macube 110 or the Coolermaster MB400L.


By itself, that makes absolutely no sense. The case has a type-C and a 3.0 front i/o, of which the motherboard only has a 3.0 header, the type-c useless. You'd need a B550 to get that. And you'd certainly not adapter and readapter a 2.0 header to hook up to the type-c as it would essentially be useless as it wouldn't contain the power or wattage necessary.

Basically there's no getting around anything, you'll have standard 3.0 and no type-c, like many ppl