Question Is there anyway to increase download speed through different circuits using a powerline adapter?


Dec 6, 2017
I've recently purchased a
I pay for 100mbps down and 10mbps up
When I first plugged it in and connected it I got 50mbps down and 10mbps up (idk if it was luck or what)
Now when I do a speed test I get around 10mbps down and 10mbps upload.
I ran it through the same circuit and get 115mbps download and 12mbps upload. (so my powerline adapter isn't faulty)
That's the reality of POE adapters, it is luck if one gets a 1/4 of the advertised speed.
There are too many variables (wiring diagram, distance, wire quality, noise, etc ) that could cause speed fluctuations.
But even reduced powerline speeds trumps weak WiFi signals.

There are measures you could take to improve performance.
Do not plug anything else on the outlets where the POE is connected or close by on the same circuit...specially phone charges, laptop charges, etc. Connect those devices to a power strip that filters their noise.
Keep the adapters .
Keep them withing 200 meters. Even though POE adapter range is 300 meters. In reality is more like 200 meters...and that's measured by the distance of the wiring, not the line between them.
Test different outlets, since you could reach very different levels of performance.
Some POE adapters (TP-Link AV2000) with built-in noise filters improved speed on noisy environments.