Is there games out there that include the nude skin like warcraft


Aug 17, 2012
i was just wandering this i like the game warcraft and it seems it wont let me install a nude mod and i was wandering if there were games like warcraft that include the nude mods
lol... just google nude skin mods... PPPPPPPppppuuuuuuurrrrrrvvvvvvvuuuuuuurrrrrrttttt!! lol....
serious get a girlfriend. its much less hassle in some ways than applying modded skins...
with the added advantage of her being real.
on the negative side you will have to listen to her or at the very least learn how to ignore her while looking like your listening. oh and never let her see you playing games with nude skins... your likely not to see any real nude skin unless you can give a really convincing excuse as to why your looking at other women, even if they are imaginary, badly drawn and on tv...