Question Is there much of a point to replace my z490 board with a z590?


Oct 5, 2002
My old 3770K computer broke down and it looks like it might be the motherboard, so I am basically rebuilding a new system while re-using as much of the non-core parts of my old system.

I got a 10700K CPU and a Gigabyte z490 motherboard, I was really hoping to finish this in December (but it looks like it will take until mid-January at best) but now that I am hearing news about z590 boards I am wondering if I should return my board and get a z590.

First of all, are the boards coming out anytime soon? Or are they going to launch with the 11th gen CPUs, not before? Since waiting until the rumored March release would be too long.

And second, would z590 offer anything other than PCIE 4.0 over z490? Because the board I got supposedly will upgrade two of it's PCIe ports and one of it's M.2 ports to 4.0 if I put a 11th gen Intel CPU in it despite being z490..... although I have no way of knowing if they will follow through on that promise.

Sounds too good to be true unless z590 has more to offer than just pcie 4.0 since then I would be getting the same benefits of z590 on that z490 board.


May 20, 2019
Also there's a rumor that DDR5 ram will be out in 18 to 24 months. Oops, it looks like 2021...

Samsung has previously said that its DDR5 memory will go into mass production at some point in 2021, as well as SK Hynix, and Teamgroup plans to unleash a DDR5 product possibly as early as Q3 of 2021.

Motherboards with DDR5 support from MSI and Gigabyte will be launched at the same time that Adata makes its DDR5 memory available.

And...(links in this comment aren't mine, btw)... However, Intel’s Alder Lake platform is expected to be launched later in 2021 (although that schedule could change, particularly given that Alder Lake is a big shift to a whole new way of thinking by all accounts, and its predecessor Rocket Lake isn’t even out yet – the latter is rumored to debut in March).

Alder Lake is the cpu that will be released for DDR5, not rocket lake.

This is all one article, I haven't read further on it. So, grain of salt for what's not actually been said by the manufacturers. Also you don't have to upgrade for ddr5, obviously, you can get a z490 or z590 or whatever all you want. I have a 10th gen intel cpu that is going to last me forever, according to me. My last (ddr3) cpu and motherboard worked so long that ddr4 had been out for years when they finally crapped out on me.