Is there something wrong with the hard drive?


Mar 7, 2012

I recently noticed some strange ''changes'' with the hard drive (but it also could be the fan of the hard drive).
This happened after I started playing BF3, if that could be the cause of the problems.
The hard drive is about 4 years old.
It started with some kind of ''rattling noise''.
But it could be the hard drive that is making the noise.
When I run Advanced SystemCare 5 it sometimes, so not always shows me (after performing a deep scan) that there has been found a ''hard drive error''.
After rebooting the computer the recovery runs.
Than usually after 2 days (I deepscan the computer every day), it shows me that there has been found a ''hard drive error'' again.
And the hard drive temperature used to be around 30c, and now (though I am using Seagate tools, if that coud cause it) it is 35c.
Do I have a serious problem with my hard drive?
Is there a chance that the hard drive will work for another year?

Thank you for reading.


Jun 13, 2006
1. hdd's don't have fans. So if you know rattling/clicking coming from a particular HDD, it's likely just the HDD motor or actuator arm.

2. You don't need to run HDD deep scans so often, only when there are problems.

3. if you are seeing HDD errors in diagnostic apps AND you're hearing clicking/rattling from the HDD, it's likely bad. And if this is the case, there is no one out there that can tell you how long it will last. Might last 2hrs more, my last 2yrs more. But one day it will just stop.

My advice, buy a new HDD ASAP and clone your data over to it (there is a chance that the bad HDD corrupted data, so you may need to reinstall. But hopefully you can clone and be done with it)