Question Is there something wrong with wd Black 850x? How about the samsung 990, 980, 970?


Feb 24, 2015
I am recommended the 970 Evo over the 970 evo plus, 970 pro, 980 pro, 990 pro, and wd black 850x.

A 500gb 970 evo is 89.99, the 970 evo plus is 69.99 ("on sale"), the 980 is 59.99 (pci e gen 3x4), the evo 980 pro is 89.99, Adata with heatsink is 89.99 for a 1tb, WD is 99.99 for 1b (109.99 with heatsink).

So i don't think it's the price is the issue, i'm guessing it has something to do with heat, the companies, other specs i don't know about, etc.

Should you get an ssd with a heat sink? Does this heat sink work with a pc build? Is it any good? Is a 3rd party heatsink better?

Lastly, for anyone that does a lot of video editing (4k), 3d animation, use Adobe and other productivity software, what would be a good secondary ssd storage?


In addition to what USAFRet said, the use of heatsinks is very dependent on the motherboard being used. Will work with some, but not others.

Many motherboards have built-in cooling/heatsinks for user installed m.2 SSDs. In those situations, an included heatsink very likely won't work (fit).

Sure, SSDs make great (fast) storage for the type of work described.
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