Is this a BAD CPU temp?


Feb 23, 2012
My cpu temp was just in the 90's (celcius) so I stopped rendering in Vegas... Now it was at about 40c. Now I'm rendering again, its @ 80c at max. Mostly around 77c. Should I halt it, or is it fine. P.S. Do you know of i.e. a program that will allow me to manually change my fan speeds? My UEFI Bios doesnt let me.........

EDIT: I forgot to mention, I got a pop up saying CPU Centrigrade is at 72.0 then another pop up later 74.0 What does that mean... 0.0

You also forgot to mention which CPU you are talking about.


Feb 25, 2009

regardless of what cpu it is i wouldnt let any of my cpus get to even 75 let alone 90 u need to get some form of aftermarket cooling ( heatsink fan and case fans if inadequate airflow or reduce an overclock or maybe your heatsink isnt seated properly


Before you start buying stuff, make sure you clean the dust out of your case. The CPU cooler can get caked with dust over time which reduces its ability to radiate heat. Also while you're in there, try to make sure your cables are out of the way of fans to keep airflow strong.


Mar 27, 2012
You really need to provide your system specs. You should try and redo the heat sink and put a small pea sized dot of thermal paste. too much thermal paste is as bad if not worse then no thermal paste, its main function is to fill gaps between the heat sink and CPU. If you have a heat sink which screws on make sure you tighten evenly from each side switching to evenly tighten screws as you could cause the contact between the CPU and heatsink to be on an slight angle. if it uses clips thoroughly check it is correctly inserted (this is best done with the Motherboard out of the case, if you don't have access to the CPU backplate on your case)


Mar 22, 2012
I would use compressed air and dust out everything. Then take off the fan and heatsink and dust them out too. Wipe off the old thermal paste and reapply and retest. See if that helps,if not start to look at aftermarket heatsinks.

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At those temps and at stock settings whatever cooler you have is mounted incorrectly. You are using a thermal paste right? Even stock cooling should be no where near what you are getting, not at stock speeds anyway. What is your CPU voltage?
unless doing a massive OC there is no reason for you to get much over 40c under load. You either have way too much thermal paste, or messed something up severely in the install.

I have an i7 2600 and max out at ~33c under a full load/stress test, granted I am in a very cool room, but still, you should be in the high 30s to mid 40s with a decent cooler installed.