Is this a good 3D monitor?

I think all current forms of stereoscopic 3d from monitors have serious drawbacks: row-interleaved (like this Asus monitor) makes text in games look horrible (I've tried it with a 32-inch 3d TV), frame-interleaved 120hz is susceptible to crosstalk (and I'd expect it to flicker like an old CRT monitor running at 60hz), and the iZ3D monitor uses linear polarization instead of circular.

Edit: additionally, a lot of games have weird quirks and limitations when running in stereoscopic 3d, regardless of which 3d driver you use.
EDIT: That monitor will not work with your 670 for 3D gaming.

Row interleaved 3D, like that monitor should not have any flickering, and it will not be 120hz. It uses polarized glasses, which means they do not alternate frames, and instead display both right and left eyes at the same time, but with each row having a different polarization, your eyes only see half the screen at any time.

Flickering from 3D is with the active shutter systems. It is the active shutter systems that also have crosstalk issues, but they have twice the resolution, as they don't split the screen in rows.

Note: that monitor is not for Nvidia systems, it is HD3D, and works with AMD.

If you did go with 3D Vision, you can fix a lot of games with this:

That is not entirely true. Yes, it's row interleaved 3d that won't work with nVidia's 3d vision, which only handles active shutter glasses. However, it's possible to install a 3rd party 3d driver, such as from iZ3D, and I think there was one other but I can't remember what it was called, that will make it work regardless of whether you're using an AMD video card or an nVidia card.

I wish that were true. I've tried, and it still will not work. When using Tridef, it actually taps into Nvidia 3D Vision drivers. The only hope would be Nvidia 3DTV play.

I stand corrected. I thought third-party drivers would work with either gpu type, but I only spent a week or two trying to play games on a Sceptre E320BV-FHDD before switching to the Dell U2711, and I had been using an XFX Radeon HD 5770 at the time, so I can't claim personal experience of using it with an nVidia card.