Is this a good built for gaming and school work


Jun 23, 2012
Is this a good built for gaming ACIII, Battlefield 3 also i have a super tight budget because i,m 13 years old

AMD Athlon II x3 2.7ghz 425
Asus M5A97 R2.0
Kingston 4gb 1333mhz
Gigabyte hd 7750 oc
Intel ssd 330 series 60gb
Seagate barracuda 7200.14 500gb
Cooler master k380 chassis
Cooler master elite 480w
Windows 8 pro x64


Dec 6, 2012
Thats a good build, But most people I know prefer windows 7 over windows 8 and say its not worth getting windows 8 before the 1st service pack.

As for the gaming side of things your probably going to want a little bit more powerful graphics card at around the same price

the GTX 650 -129.99 - 119.99 after rebate, It even comes with assassin creed 3 for free

This card is much better than your current HD 7750 for only 20$ more I would go this option

This is a comparison of the 2 graphics cards

If you want a Radeon card then you can go the HD 7770
It is better than your current card by alot and is prety cheep -119.99 109.99 after rebate

This is comparing the GTX 650 with the HD 7770

And this is comparing the HD 7770 with the HD 7750

Also may I ask what is your budget, I am also a young computer enthusiast that is currently building his own computer (im 16)

Good Luck!