Its around £20 overpriced.
A much better deal is:
Phenom 955BE £90
Motherboard £44
RAM 4Gb £16
Its £20 more but has a much better CPU and twice as much RAM. If you want to stick to that price:
CPU £73
Board £34
RAM 2GB £7
Pretty much the same deal for £115 inc VAT instead of £128.99 also free delivery.
Didnt even wait for the link to load fully on my phone, athlon said it all lol, go with Simons recc of a 955, mobo of at least 710chipset, the M3a770de is about £40 atm with a 770 set on it and 4Gb of ram should be about twentyfive to thirty quid, Ill find some links when I'm home in the morning
memory is a bit up and down, but you get what you pay for, corsair vengeance is decently reliable and amazon found the mobo for £54 so dont rely on amazon to find best pc prices, go to each site and work through your partlist to find the best prices, (w/c and modding mostly)
are a few I use regularly
sorry for delay in posting mate, lost the thread hehe,