Is this a good deal for a video editing build?


Aug 5, 2011
What do you all think about this New Egg Deal:

I have not had a desktop in a long time since my last one broke. I need one for my son for educational stuff, but my main usage will be converting DV tape from our camcorder to DVD with some effects probably using Sony Vegas most likely. I know that 6 cores is useful in video editing/conversion. I would run Windows 7 Professional on it because I have access to an .edu version for $30.

What are your thoughts on this combo? I don't need it for gaming because I have a PS3 and my son won't be playing any graphic intensive games on it either. Just video editing, and at some point I may put a blu-ray drive in there and hook up my bedroom tv for a blu-ray player.

I think this future proofs me a bit if I want to upgrade to the new bulldozer AMD line later.

Is this a good deal. I don't think I can get the parts I need (unless I wait 3-6 months collecting everything individually on deals) for cheaper than this.