Is this a good deal?

for $650 you can have much better IMO

AMD 940 quad + biostar mb $209

640 gig WD black hard drive $75

2 x 2 gig Gskill 1066MHz ddr2 ram $50

Antec 300 gaming case $60

Corsair 650 TX power supply $90

Sapphire 4870 1 gig $140

DVD drive ~ $25

Total is $649

so for $100 more you get a quad core thats more than twice the power , stronger graphics and its all new .

PS I didnt include Windows since his advert doesnt say windows is included with the computer , and anyway you can download and use the rc of the latest version [Windows 7] for free till march next year

PPS I didnt include a monitor but a 22inch lcd is about $170 and it would be new too