Is this a good gaming computer (homebuilt)?


Oct 22, 2012
I'm posting this twice cuz idk if I should post it in the gaming section or the homebuilt section. So I'm posting it in both.

Ok, I'm in eleventh grade just sayin' and at the end of the year I'm planning to build a computer, but I'll be buying all the parts throughout the year and build it when SAT's are over.

The types of games I play aren't like Skyrim and Crysis, I play games like TERA online or Vindictus or Guild Wars 2 or, when it comes out, Blade and Soul.

I'm planning on buying 6 GB of ram, and intel i5 processor, and an AMD raedeon 7770. Will this be enough to play these games on high quality, and how much FPS would I get? I'm on a 600$ budget so...

And 64-bit windows 7
6 gb of ram will mean you will have to get 3gb sticks which are non-standard and are more expensive to find or you'll have to get 3x2gb, at which point i5 does not support triple channel. So, my advice to save yourself headache, just get 2x4Gb ram sticks and be done with it. Will run you about $40.

Good choice on the CPU, that should give you best performance in mmos. Sadly same cannot be said about the GPU, depending on your resolution that card will be able to handle medium to high settings.

as far as FPS:,3268-6.html



Aug 17, 2012
I can max Vindictus on mine at 1920x1080 easily and it is quite a bit lower spec than yours. Also agree with the guy above go for 2x4GB
And 64 bit windows is a good choice since you'll have more than 4GB RAM


Dec 10, 2009
Yeah, stick to powers of 2 for the amount of RAM. Only socket 1366 needs 6GB. You're likely going to be using 1155, or 1156 (maybe). For that get DDR3 Dual channel RAM. 1600Mhz is always dirt cheap. Make sure you get 9 9 9 24 stepping. (rather than 9 9 9 27 - slightly slower, look out for that). And 1.5volts or less. 1.5volts is fine.
An i3 or even Pentium G with a Radeon 7850 would be better for a similar price. Also +1 to get RAM in 2 identical sticks with 8Gb 1.5V being the best choice speeds and latency make very little difference but 1600 is around the same price as anything slower.