Is This A Good Gaming Computer?


Aug 23, 2011
CPU - AMD Athlon II X4 360
Motherboard - MSI 890GXM-G65
Memory - Crucial 4GB (2x 2GB) DDR3
Case - Antec Twohundred (v2)
Power Supply - Antec BP550plus
Optical Drive - Lite-on DVD Burner
Hard Drive - Segate Barracuda 7200 12 1TB
Operating System - Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
1 Extra SATA Cable
Price $632.98 From

Now Some Extras (Mouse Keyboard ECT)
Mouse - Razer Mamba
Price: 129.99

Mouse Pad - Razer Sphex Serious Gaming Edition
Price: 14.99

Keyboard - Dragon Age™ II Razer BlackWidow Ultimate
Price: 139.99

Headset - Razer Megalodon
Price: 149.99

Moniter - NEC Display Solution E231W-BK 23''
Price: 229.99

PC Extras
Price: 202.00

poor scrouge

Dec 30, 2010
Good luck with your build, considering you have no GPU... Also, your extras add up to $665, which is more than your actual build...

GPUs I recommend
Sub $100
Sub $125
Sub $150 This one gets my vote for price/performance
Sub $175
Its a toss up between a 460 GTX or a 6850 HD, both are great cards at great prices, but they each have games they beat the other at. I have a 6850 HD, and it crushes every game I play at max settings, 1080p.

Better Extras
High quality mouse at almost a 1/3 of the price

Mouse mat:
The one you picked out should be fine

A nice mechanical (higher quality than most) keyboard that is 1/3 of the price of your Razer keyboard, and is PS/2 instead of USB (this means no macro keys or anything), but you can press as many keys as you want without them interfering with each other, this can be a problem with USB keyboards.

Nice headset that will last you a few years if you don't treat it like sh*t.

The one you chose has a 5ms response time. This means you will probably experience ghosting with it, and it is also way more expensive. This is a great Monitor that is either better or equal to the one you chose in all respects. I have the 21.5'' version, and it's amazing.

This comes out to $345, which is quite a lot, but considering what you chose to begin with...

Alternatively, you could chose cheaper extras and save a lot of money. You could get a cheaper monitor for $130 that would still be good, you could get a $20 keyboard, you could get a $20 mouse, a $10 mouse mat, and a $10 headset, and not be much worse off than with the $345 set. I happily game with my $10 headset and $20 keyboard.

Also, your build looks decent from what I can see. An athlon x3 would be cheaper and perform about the same. A few months ago I saw something that said the average game currently utilizes 2.7 cores (not the most common game, but average, thus the .7). And if you're looking at the $80 x4 630, remember it doesn't have a heatsink included. I'd suggest this heatsink if you get it


Yeah, get rid of some of those extras and put in a good Graphics card, at least a GTX 560 or a Radeon HD 6850 card. Radeon HD 4290 built in graphics won't even do well with minimum settings on older 3D games. You should also get at least a Phenom II X4 945 CPU. If your really budget limited you could consider a Phenom II X3 720 But that is absolutely the bottom of the barrel.