Is this a good gaming PC for £550?


Nov 9, 2013
It features an i3 8100, 1x8gb DDR4 ram, GTX 1060 3gb, 1TB HDD, a 400 watt power supply, a cooler master case, and probably a really cheap motherboard. I know I can build a better PC for the money if I use AMD parts but please don't put a parts list in PC Part Picker I know how to use that tool. I was curious if this was worth the price since I am thinking of buying a prebuilt gaming PC. It does have a quad core CPU, 8gb of ram and gtx 1060 3gb. I can upgrade it to an i7 8700 in the future and get another 8gb of ram later. Would it be fine for 1080p gaming? Or should I just build my own? It comes with Ubuntu unfortunately but I would have to install Windows 10 on it which would up the cost a bit for PC gaming. Any thoughts?

Also I'm in the UK so I can't use Newegg or US dollars, etc.