Is this a good gaming system?


Nov 9, 2012
Hey all...

Okay so i have ditched my old idea for an AMD processor...

This is my plan for my system build (please note, the case, PSU and SSd have not yet been taken into consideration... i currently have a spare 600w PSU and old case...eventually i will invest in better ones!)

i5 3570k 3.4ghz (£172.98)
8GB Corsair Vengenance 1600MHz DDR3 ram (£31.32)
ASUS P8H61-MX motherboard (£35)
Case+600w PSU (as i may buy a HD 6950 later on..)
1TB HDD (standard drive.. 7200 rpm.. will invest in an SSD later..)
Samsung 22" t22b350 (already purchased)

So this all comes up to £239.30 ... which i think is fantastic!!

I havent yet added a GPU into my config, as the CPU has intel hh 4000 graphics, so i thought lets give that a try, if it sucks then add a HD 6950 which i can buy for £50 from a friend...(yes second hand, but trusted source)

Would this be able to play games at high settings (or would you reccomend the GPU too?)

-Please do not say the hd 6950 is not a good GPU.. its excellent, and im not rich enough to but the 7950 or gtx 690 etc...

My previous plan was to buy a bulldozer 4.4ghz... but i think the i5 investment will pay itself off...

Anyway, is this a good plan?

And yes, my PSU is reliable... please ignore the psu/case for now

I dont really play games like Crysis (perhaps because my laptop right now cant support it, ha!)

The types of things i would be using this PC for would be:

Play GTA IV, 3D Modelling software for mathematics, Matlab, Video editing (basic), maybe some better games like MW3 BF3 etc...

Any help, suggestions and ideas would be very much appreciated!!

(Also, at all times, please keep the budget below £300, i dont need fancy water cooling kits or an alienware laptop/spaceship at this time)

-Thank you



Sep 13, 2012
i5 3570k is overclockable, your motherboard is not for overclocking. You might buy the i5 3470 which is the same but not overclockable, or change the motherboard for a Z77 one. The 6950 is an excellent GPU at that price, I recommend to buy as soon as you can to play the games at good FPS instead of the Intel HD ones.