Is this a good motherboard for a i5 2500k and what ram do i buy for it

It's a decent entry level board, suitable for office applications. If intended for gaming, these are my budget choices:


Decide what ya need after reading about the chipset differences here:

As for RAM....Corsair Low Profile Vengeance



Dec 15, 2011

Cool thanks I'm going with The one for $150 the only problem is I don't think it will fit in side of my case I have a dell Inspiron 530 case what do you think? If not can you recommend a case that will fit this mobo. Thanks!

I agree with JackNaylorPE, these two are great deal for the money, and great quality mobos. I got the V version, runs with no problem.

P8Z68-V by Asus Price: $169.99 & ships FREE with Super Saver Shipping.